Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Innocent as Charged"

This is your dear Editor as lad, and later as a 65 year old crank. I drew the portrait based on a class portrait from I think the 5th grade somewhere.

I lately like the portrait more than I used to...time.

Good grief kid if you only knew what was in the wings waiting. Actually I did have some notions about that, yet another story.

The below photo of me now as a weathered pissed off tho' in this shot gleefully demented Senior Citizen is from my Homeland Security file. 

We're all innocent when we Dream as Tom Waits sings. Innocent as little Angels, and even in our old age when we dream.

Stay Tuned.


  1. “It would be terrible to still believe in sin; on the contrary everything we do, if we need to say this a thousand times, is innocent.”
    -Nietzsche, 1881

  2. Hey Sidney, we tried calling you yesterday. Why don't you give us a call- we miss you! P & RP