Saturday, April 16, 2016


Every day a Miracle of sensations.

Walking sleeping hot showers soup comic books sorting laundry talking to friends on the phone banking tapping away on the computer going shopping watching families be families birds cats bugs the wind the rain, and dreams.

Wonder upon wonder.

Attempting to decipher my medical forms tax junk benefits rules all that annoying funny, and silly old person stuff you have have to deal with.

What a great Comedy.

I lay in bed, and listen to my Heart beat. It sounds just as it did when I was little, and wondered at every new thing. "Ba~bap~Ba~bap~Ba~bap" it sounded through my pillow as a boy, and still now it goes on, and on.

Hardly a missed beat in near a 100 years.


As I said on my birthday, "....'closer to 100 than 20".

So a good day today.

Stay tuned.

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