Saturday, April 16, 2016


                                    These words came to me in a Dream this morning.   

                           "There will be a Great Light, and We shall all Become Stars".                   





  1. I've heard something like this before - that every star is the manifestation of a soul, perhaps once human, that has evolved over many lifetimes to this level. The great light is the ineffable One. Or something like that.

    Apropos of nothing, here's a short interview of El Carpeta:

    Isn't he fucking ADORABLE? My heart feels assuaged by just looking at his charming face and hearing his darling voice.

    The old guy at right is a film director. The younger man in the middle is Carpeta's big bro Farruquito. I've seen him perform live; I'd say he's probably the greatest flamenco dancer in the world; but not as cute as his little brother.


  2. Bleeping Adorable doesn't begin....

    As the "Ineffable One". Well the presence 'is' Ineffable.