Saturday, April 16, 2016


My Fridge. The new ones are stainless steel. So you won't be able to put magnet art on them. What were these guys thinking?! Me I imagine that it's part of the ongoing Conspiracy to make us less creative, and dumber.

The Gay button...see just above was designed by Ralph Hall a dear pal. Ralph did that, and so much more. Set designs magazines print art. He taught me much, and we co-produced art books.

He was Keith Haring before there was a "Keith Haring" He passed away early in the AIDS pandemic before he could be discovered. We lost so much. Not just friends, but what they could have given the world.

Stay Tuned.


  1. The pandemic really hit the movement hard. I also suspect that it helped to push mainline gay ideology far to the right, so that now it's all about being stroller-pushers who want to get married and be respectable. I have to admit to being really bitter about the way things have gone. When I was young I had some hope of joy, however slim. Now I'm old and seriously pissed off.

    As industrial civilization trundles to its ignominious doom, I hafta say that I would really like for our POV to win out over their POV, in the long term. I'd like the lie and the hysteria to be exposed forever for what they are, to be exposed to eternal ridicule and scorn, like the witch hunts of old: and for love to be forever glorified.

    I sure hope art is good vehicle for achieving this, because like with your buddy Ralph it's all I've got.


  2. Yes I agree the pandemic gave us the reality we live in now. Basically the radical or sane portions of the then Movement...died.

    The survivors didn't want to overthrow anything.

    They wanted stability. Whereas marriage, and taking on the identical values of the dominate culture was unimaginable to us. It made every bit of sense to those that came after.

    Specifically the declaring of the entire BL Community as "Not Gay". The Lesbians especially wanted that. I was there for it all. Shades of the Stalinist removal of all other factions within that movement.

    One day we were just another bunch of comrades...the next hunted villains. Even onto this very day decades later.

    I remember it all.

    So now there they are invited to the White House their own TV shows..the gays next door..."We're just Like You"

    I could vomit.

    Make Art the very thing they don't know how to do.

    Make ART!