Saturday, April 16, 2016


The Civil War settled the question about States leaving the Union. However...wot about Expulsions.
Some States have no real allegiance to the Constitution. Are profoundly hostile to personal freedoms. Have internal cultures that value superstition, and violence against various minorities migrants orientations genders, and so on.

They refuse to adhere to federal laws protecting all of these, and indeed pass laws to persecute them.
Btw they often say how much they'd like to leave the Union.


Let's give them what they want. Lets expel them. They have no loyalty to the Union, and despise all it stands for. They value, and enforce customs antithetical to traditions of tolerance, and human rights.

Basically these are mostly States of the former Confederacy. Not 'all' mind you, but most. Also portions of the so-called Northwest White Homeland States.

So they want out...well out they can go.

As far as I know this may 'not' be un-constitutional. A "Writ of Expulsion" for perhaps fourteen States would make life a lot saner for the rest of us. In six to 18 months most of these nutters will be
starving at war with each other, and probably Mexico.

Good Riddance...especially Texas.

There above is our 36 State flag. This after we kick out the Nazi, and Jesus-land States.

(Of course I mean all this in a nice way.)

Okay I slept on I wouldn't want them to "starve". One shouldn't even joke about that. Perhaps shaming as in the old "South Africa Treatment" would do the trick. I mean it looks like everybody is cutting these guys off till the come around, and be cool about Women Transgender Gay folks, and everybody else.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Careful what u wish for! I wouldn't relinquish control of the Mississippi if I had it. Once national highways decay past a certain point, inland waterways are going to be very important to commerce and transport.

    Also, if the USA breaks up, the west coast will have hardly a fig leaf of protection should China start hankering for the juicier sections of the western seaboard. When you've got 1.4 billion hungry mouths to feed, large fertile well-watered lightly-populated river valleys like the Willamette and the Columbia must look pretty tempting.


  2. P.S. - If I lived in Texas, I'd be learning Spanish right now. In fact, I'm learning it where I currently am.