Sunday, April 17, 2016


For as long as I can remember I’ve always been feminine. I used to always put on the princess gowns and run around, and the little plastic high heels that you can get at the dollar store. At first I was like, "Why am I having to identify as a boy? Why do I have to be a boy when I want to be a girl?"

So it was kind of confusing.

Then in third grade, my dad shaved my head, and that was the hardest thing. My dad started getting really upset so I had my mom chop off half of it. He goes, "You’re halfway there, chop it more...I don’t accept it."

He used to lie to me about all the laws and say, "It’s illegal for you to do that" and "God doesn’t like what you're doing."

My parents divorced when I was four. I think I spent about half a year where I didn’t go to see my dad. In fourth grade is when I started to transition. My hair started to grow out and I started pinning my bangs back, putting a bow up there.

I got my ears pierced.

As for now, my dad is still wishy-washy. I don’t really see him anymore. I don’t have visitation with him so I don’t really know how that’s working right now. He texts me every once in a while. He’s coming around.

( If there are any trans youngsters or oldsters reading go to the below URL. It might help some.)

( As Tom Waits sings further below, "...You're Innocent When You Dream." )

Stay Tuned.


  1. Lovely lad. Too bad his dad's a dipshit.


  2. Same old story dads afraid for their own masculinity. So the bleep over their sons.

    Fortunately as I've mentioned my Grandma used to dress me up. So I was a Transgender for Grandma.

    If I were Charlie's age up there I'd have my mom or an aunt take me shopping for some frillies.

    I'd gleefully wear that stuff mostly to piss certain uncles off, and to have fun. If I had kids...fine whatever their souls demanded they be.

    Why da hell can't all parents do that.

  3. Dear Charlie.

    You're absolutely adorable... the way I wish I could have been when I was your age. I tried on my mother's things, but didn't have the courage to become a girl like you. I admire you so much for it.

    I hope you find happiness and fulfillment in whatever life you choose, and that people can accept you as you are.

    Best wishes, Charlie.