Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Night in da City"

A Super Hero is going home on the local at 3:45 on a cold wet Friday morning. A bleeping long night of fighting crime, and dealing with them evil incompetents from "Homeland".

Wot'a night.

All she wants to do is get the hell out'a the ridiculous costume the "Super Heroes Union" makes her wear. Shower the stink off drink heavily, and pass out.

End of another swell evening in "Hell's Shit House". The cold rain washed the night's toll of blood down to the dead river.

'But hey the heat was paid off the bad guys dead. Diamonds, and cash exchanged hands everybody that mattered got their taste.

"John Q" tucked nice, and snug in his bed none the wiser of the happy mayhem that stews right under his taxpaying nose.

All was well with the world.

Our Hero like I sez is taking the damned local home...takes two frigging hours. What the hell. Another night another surprised head in a bucket.

Tomorrow is another day with dirty cops, evil maniacs, and getting her cut.

...ain't we got fun.

Stay Tuned.

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