Saturday, April 16, 2016

"About My Dad"

"The Horse"

Here's a few stories. My dad grew up on a farm down South. One day he saw a man beating a horse he was making to haul a load too big for the animal.

Well dad took the whip out of the guys hand...yeah he was using a whip.

Well then guy took a swing at dad...missed, and my dad then beat the crap out of him,...'and' warned him he'd get more if he saw him doing that sort of thing again. My father hated cruelty of all kinds. He passed that on to all us kids.



I just loves big noisy old WW2, and 1950's aircraft. My dad told me that during the war...WW2. He used to like going to sleep at his base to the loud thundering of bombers coming back from missions.

He told me this as we sat on our brownstone's stoop in pre-air conditioned late 1950's Brooklyn summer nights. This as we listened to the new jet liners on their landing patterns to then "Idlewild" later to become "JFK" airport above us. 

My Dad an Air Corps vet said these new planes "scream", but the old ones "grumbled, and hummed like giant wasps, and bees."

I loved my Dad.


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