Saturday, April 16, 2016

"A B C D E F..."

Once upon a time these green cards with white lettering were at the front of every classroom in this nation. There was both the alphabet, and basic arithmetic on them. 

Also up there was an Atlas of the world, and a map of the lower 48 U.S. States. Alaska, and Hawaii were added on separately having just joined...there was a U.S. flag stuck up there too. Sometimes pictures of the assorted Presidents as well. 

Also street crossing safety posters shoved in somewhere. Basically the teacher didn't have to say much since everything you needed to have elementary notions of civics was right in front of you 'everyday' for years. 

We picked it up by Osmosis.

You saw the letters of the alphabet, and got an idea what spelling was math also. You saw what country you were in, and where it was on the planet. You even saw that there were other countries, and more or less where they were. 

You got the notion that your country had a history by looking at all them dead Presidents. You also saw that you should try not to get yourself killed in traffic. This gave you a vague notion of the value of life...maybe even others people's lives as well. All of the above your students of today have no concept of. 

So yeah keep them Green Cards with the big White letters, and numbers.

Stay Tuned.

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