Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Laff Clown Laff!"

Sorry Comrades I only posted twenty or so items this month. This as opposed to maybe 100 last time, and a few hundred maybe before that. 'Been sick as hell nearly bought it again.

Still here though.

Meanwhile I've been dumping tons of crap on my story, and blog history page. "Scribble Ergo Sum" link lower right side of page...cute name huh?

Anyway it's a slush pile of material for my book that I wanna put out of my rants. This if I don't drop dead too soon. If I do my sister will have to hunt down my stuff.

Now if necessary she can just go there, and pick stuff. Ain't I considerate as hell. 

Also I'm just bleeping weary as shit. This is why I ain't got around to another Queer page for them to nuke. Bleep'em to hell, and back.

"Z" sorry you're up at Bat now.

See I'm tired just from doing this....No bleep. I'm going to lay down...maybe back later.

Remember it's "All Bullshit" the whole world everything. With that in mind you can't go wrong.

See ya.

Stay Tuned. 




  1. Yo Sydney! You sound like a Buddha! Remember we love you.

    “Look at your body—
    A painted puppet, a poor toy
    Of jointed parts ready to collapse,
    A diseased and suffering thing
    With a head full of false imaginings.”
    - The Dhammapada

  2. Yep an old Brooklyn Buddha that's me okay.

    That Dhammapada piece is on da money. Tho' I'd end it,

    "...and I don't mean maybe."

    Thanks dear Comrade you've given me comfort.