Friday, June 26, 2015


Well the "Supremes" went, and did it. Now 'Everybody' can get Divorced! It only took about 40 years. 170 more or less if you count from when Sexual Freedom was first discussed. That by assorted poets artists radicals weirdos, and mystics.

I was never the Marrying kind myself. Though came close once or marrying a lady. ...long story.

Though not much into it given the examples I witnessed over time. Still if ya wants it you should have it. I never saw the problem.

I mean what with folks holding onto their Bibles like they was life rafts in a sea full of pissed off Sharks. Doing that, and belting out hateful curses on folks that just wanna get hitched...hey com'on.
It's not like I'm gonna marry your son, on the other hand if he's sweet can cook, and would put up with me...well.

'But hey get over it.

 Sez my ex-hero Obama, "...“Today,” he said, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”

Okay I go along with the guy at least on this.

Mind you I'm old school. An early 70's Unreformed Queer Radical type. Marriage really wasn't what we was after. In fact we wanted to overthrow the whole Shebang. 'But that's revolutions for you...ya never know how they'll turn out.

Ask any Cuban.

Looking forward to "Queer Divorce Court" coming to daytime TV real soon.

Anyway Congrats to the folks that fought so hard for this, and a "Whoopee!" for the extension of more Freedom. ...which is always a 'Good' thing.

"Yes thank you I'll have another slice of that yummy "Queer Marriage Cake" please."

 Sez da Preacher:

"Lord Smite Down these Wicked Ones in the Name of the Gushing Blood of da Lamb!!"

Sez da Lawd:

"Will you Shut Up!" " have some Cake."

Stay Tuned.



  1. I'll try to contain my excitement, once I've finished my nap.


  2. Yeah yeah I know. Still the cake was nice.