Thursday, June 25, 2015

"No Boots On the Ground"

Them Isis guys are going to town on new ways to murder folks. Now it's not just for their whacked out religion it's for the fun of it.

Oh sure they're still doing the chop-chop!

Over the weekend they beheaded another bunch of Christians...this time their kids too.

However now they're trying out some new tricks. Tying plastic strip explosives around their victims necks, and setting them off all at once.

That, and putting people in cages then lowering them into a pool...while filming them drowning with underwater cameras. Hanging them upside down, and lowering victims into acid.

This sounds like there's a gang of teenaged terror freaks sitting around eating pizza'n just making this evil shit up, and then doing it.

It's a Sadists Paradise in Isis-Land.

As usual in history...the Armenia Genocide the European Holocaust Rwanda Cambodia Sudan etc., and all of the little genocides nobody pays attention to. You know a village here a border town or tribe there.

Nobody does shit.

Certainly we can expect nothing from our hero "No boots on the Ground Obama". The Europeans? The Russians? The next World Empire the Chinese....are you fucking kidding.

Any of these guys even thinking about taking out Isis would make a good "SNL" comedy routine.

So if there's an Iraqi or Syrian "Anne Frank" waiting for rescue she is well, and truly fucked!

"Hey do ya self a favor kid."

"If you're hiding in a high-rise...jump!"  Believe me you'd be doing yourself a favor considering what them maniacs have in store for you.

The whole selfish lot of us 'WILL" be 'JUDGED' by what we won't do. Rather than what the frigging evil 'are' doing. ...or something like that.

"Remember","...No Boots on the Ground".


Sweet Dreams.

Stay the Fuck Tuned.


  1. Hey... dem ISIS dudes is having a big contest and the winners get sex slaves. Ya gotta give 'em credit where credit is due. Maybe no boots on da ground, but how about some condoms on the ground... huh?

  2. Decades and Decades and Decades of mistakes. That great boy lover T. E. Lawrence knew what to do. They killed him. Out Now!

  3. I sit here reading, and seeing news of unimaginable cruelties all over the world. And as with most of the Genocides of the last 100 years no one hardly does anything.

    On the rare times they do it's too late.

    The 21st Century is not the Paradise we imagined so long ago. It is a Horror. ...Horror Horror, and yet more Horror.

  4. Such is the beauty of Islam.

    The whole world woulda been so much better off if we'd scaled back our thirst for oil and stupefied consumerism and become a hippie commie pinko queer social democracy like Sweden, only less materialistic. Our interventions have a lot to do with destabilizing the region and making it ripe for the murderous Islamic State goons. We'll never get this evil genie back in the bottle - it's epidemic, an ideological virus. All we know how to do now is to go into other countries and fuck them up. When was the last time we actually won a major war, and then successfully set up something like the Marshall Plan instead of just bailing on the mess we created and letting the Khmer Rouge or whomever kill everyone in sight? My God we are such fuck-ups.

    I have a bad feeling about the future of Europe. I think there's a good chance it'll be Islamized over the next century or two. What's now a tiny trickle of immigration from Africa and the Middle East will become a flood. Those regions are not stable - way overpopulated, and increasingly under environmental & economic pressure. Europe is a soft target (just ask the Italian coast guard). I hope European kids don't get all Islamized too - that'd be awful. But it might happen.

    About the sex slaves - any applicants expressing an interest in male sex slaves will doubtless be thrown off a tall building or put to death in other creative ways, even if they memorize the entire fucking Koran.


  5. ...and yet there is Hope.

    A tiny ting spark that lives in many. Even as I write this I hardly believe it, but it's there. I've seen it too often to discount it.

    Other than that there's nothing to say.