Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Kick Butt!", a nice way.

 The Vatican announced Wednesday that it had brokered a treaty with the "state of Palestine," upsetting Israeli advocates and propelling Pope Francis into the heart of yet another geopolitical fray.

The treaty is expected to be signed "in the near future," the Vatican said. Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, is scheduled to visit Pope Francis on Saturday, the day before the church canonizes two Palestinian nuns.

The treaty is thought to mark the first time the Holy See has formally recognized Palestinian statehood in a legal document. Vatican policy, however, has long held that a two-state solution is the best road to peace in the Holy Land. The Vatican has referred to Palestine as a state since November 2012, when the United Nations voted to recognize it as a nonmember observer state.

According to Palestinian officials, as many as 135 states now recognize Palestine as a state.

Few political leaders have the moral authority and popular appeal of Pope Francis.
While the Vatican commended the mid-level diplomats who hammered out the agreement. Wednesday's announcement seems sure to polish the Pope's image as a one-man United Nations, confidently wading into turbulent political waters and unafraid of upsetting the status quo.


Well there he goes again doing something the rest of the world should have done generations ago. Of course Israel is pissed as hell. Them morons like shit just the way it is. So do the butchers in Isis.

Peace would ruin business for the both of them.

Anyway the Pope saying he's "Jake" with the "Two State" solution, and formally recognizing Palestine makes the rest of them look like the blood stained shits they are.

I just hope the old guy has some well armed heat he can trust around him. I mean him saying nice stuff about the poor is one thing, but now he's messing with the Big Boy's toys.

Them guys don't got no sense of humor about that sort of thing.

Well good luck Padre, and keep kicking butt!

Stay Tuned.


  1. This guy's turning out to be pretty interesting.

    When it comes to that stuff he's said about protecting the environment and slamming greed and helping the poor, I suspect the church has figured out where the world is headed - viz., global poverty and ecological ruin - and is positioning itself for the long haul. They haven't been a force in the world for 1600 years by being dumb.

    But this one? He's going out on a limb. Israel and its giant puppet the USA are not yet defunct. Yet the future will be configured very differently. Once the USA goes down, Israel will be toast.

    Yep, I think he needs excellent security.


  2. This guy needs to stay alive as long as possible. The next guy will be a full blown Nazi for sure. The Curia will never make a mistake like Pope Francis again. The church likes their saints dead, and the Popes semi-embalmed vegetables.