Monday, June 22, 2015


Heck I feel just like this old Chevy. Well actually it's a model of a I think '53 or so Chevy made up to look old, and beat.

Still there I am.

Be back tonight I dinner now. Yes yet another Chicken stew...I just loves it. Granted it's rough on the chicken, but in the larger scheme of things I'm sure she understands.

Despite the grand extinction were living in, see post below, ya still as to eat,...when one remembers. 

The above is pretty much the way I cook it. I slice cutlets into little chunks put in olive oil assorted veggies some spices. I dump it all into the 'Crock Pot'...excuse the expression.

I wander away for a while. Then like magic or an ambiguous spell dinner is served! That plus non-sugar ice tea, and I'm ready to go.

Stay tuned.

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