Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Fuck this Shit!!!"

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested people on suspicion of homosexuality in raids on two parties in the city of Jeddah, the Dubai-based Gulf News site reported Sunday.

The latest LGBT crackdown in the conservative kingdom saw members of the religious police conduct simultaneous raids on the “gay parties,” held in the Red Sea city’s Harzat district.
“The raids led to the arrest of gays, and netted locally produced alcoholic drinks and hashish,” a source connected to the raids told Gulf News.

“Those who were arrested were taken to police stations while those who fled the premises will be summoned since they were all identified.”

Members of the religious police, also known as the " Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice", reportedly recorded the license plate numbers of all of the cars parked near the party venues prior to the raids in order to be able to track down anyone who managed to escape.
Homosexuality is illegal under Saudi Arabia’s strict interpretation of Islamic Shariah law, which holds that any man found engaging in homosexual acts can be stoned to death. Other punishments for those found guilty of homosexuality include imprisonment, flogging, chemical castration and execution.

(International Business News)


Okay my first reaction is to begin the general Nuclear Bombardment of all Islamic countries.  Especially Saudi Arabia since they've been bankrolling all the assorted mad butcher in the region. Maybe throw in Israel for the hell of it. 

Them deranged jerks break my heart.

However I then thought of all the innocent people under the Jack Boot of these religious Maniacs...especially all their pretty boys.

Hey com'on.

Well them, and all those secret Sufi Mystics, and millions of neat folks who also live in the shadows in those demented hell holes.

So I guess we'll just have to shove our B-52's back into their hangers...aw crap.

There ain't much we can do.

That part of the world is convulsed in murderous madness much as Europe was in the 1930's, and 40's. It took a fucking World war to clear up that mess.

Despite the American "...No Boots on the Ground" reaction to Genocide. I dream of a U.N. with Brass fuck'n Balls the size of bleeping water melons going in, and generally cleaning the clocks of these bleeping evil butchers once, and for all.  


Sadly like Anne Frank we can only "Dream" of Peace, and Freedom.

Stay Tuned.

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