Sunday, June 14, 2015

"You can Fly!"

At least I thought I could. Back when they delivered your milk in bottles cars had fins TV was small b&w, and Good King John was on the Throne. Back in the glorious times when comic books was 10.cents, and they 'gave' you a 'free Coke' with your Hot Dog at the movies...

Back when we ruled the bleeping World, and had scads of brand new B-52's to shove H-Bombs up the butt of anyone that had a problem with that.

Back in them forever lost years of the former American Empire,...I thought I could Fly.

Made perfect sense. Every night we sat out either at the park or in the backyard to watch the Satellites slowly sail over us. The night sky was familiar to us.  

Not as much light pollution then. 

We knew the stars, and their arraignment as constellations. So we knew it when something new appeared...oh those magical ships of stars. We lived in an age of Miracles.

I fear the youngsters today can't imagine such. Our future held great promise. Theirs holds rising oceans famine, and war.

Such a pity.

Anyway it was within that former realm of magical "promise" I believed I could fly.

I felt truly believed that I could perch on the window sill of my boyhood bedroom...Leap!  Leap into the air land on the tree in front of our house then leap again into the stary night, and fly to my Aunt Sybil's house to surprise her.

As I sit here posting an somewhat Old Man I see my young self planning this great adventure.

As it happend I never got the chance to test my flight abilities. My Dad had a window company install storm windows, and screens. This just days before my planned ascension.

So I was either saved from breaking certain bones or getting air sickness.


I think kids 'do' fly, and perform any number of miraculous acts as a matter of norm. They fly appear, and disappear walk on water speak with both Angels, 'and' Demons. However they don't tell us.


Because even if we did the same when we were so young. We've forgotten. Forgotten or dismissed all those amazing adventures as Dreams.

Perhaps the "Peter Pan" myth is an echo of such an Adventure. Maybe there is a Far-side of the Moon a Never-land or any of the thousand names the culture of children have for the "Magic Place".

Maybe without knowing that's what we're all trying to re-capture. 

To all the 60 years old children out there...Bless you, and keep looking.

Stay Tuned.


  1. What a lovely image.

    Do you suppose that many young people today know their future holds rising oceans, famine & war? You wouldn't know it to read the paper these days, still less to see it on TV. The myth of Progress still holds sway, and we have cell phones to distract us from noticing the decay of our built environment. I wonder what percentage have noticed yet that things are crumbling and their future has been mortgaged away to pay the interest on bail-outs? It'd be interesting to find out.


  2. Z,
    We gotta figure out a way to warn them.