Monday, June 29, 2015


As for Southern Heritage the flag above is the actual rebel flag as adopted by the Confederate Congress in 1861. The crossed flag used by the Klan, and white hate groups is another matter. That has to go forever period.

If they wish I suggest  the "Heritage" folks should fly the flag above. It's historically accurate, and doesn't have an overt history of use by hate groups. This I think would be a reasonable compromise. They can fly this over Confederate graves, and memorials if they choose. The other which is actually the rebel Naval Jack which was issued in a yellow, and later red background field is gone.

Gone! Period, and Amen.

I have "Southern Heritage" too. My Dads folks are from Mississippi, and the gulf Coast. We like the 'real' Stars, and Stripes just fine thanks.

Btw the South changed their original flag in 1863 because it caused confusion in the smoke of battle. See Union Cavalry, and Battle flag below. Embarrassing episodes resulted in the melee.

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