Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"And Now for Something Completely Different"

(Our pal da Pope when he was kid,...already he Knew!)

 Pope Francis has requested to chew coca leaves during his forthcoming visit to Bolivia, according to Bolivian Culture Minister Marko Machicao.
Coca, the raw ingredient for cocaine, has been used in the Andes for thousands of years to combat altitude sickness and as a mild stimulant.

*(I dunno about that "altitude* stuff, but I can seriously vouch for the "Stimulant" part.)

Mr Machicao said the government offered the Pope coca tea and the pontiff had "specifically requested" to chew coca.


The Vatican has not yet commented. The Pope travels to Bolivia on 8 July.

*(Yeah well I guess not. Saying the boss is a Doper could be a problem.)


'Sacred plant'

Many indigenous Bolivians consider the coca bush a sacred plant and chewing its leaves or brewing them into a tea is very popular.
Bolivia's 2009 constitution even declared the coca leaf "a cultural patrimony".

President Evo Morales, who used to be a coca grower, has long campaigned to decriminalise the consumption of coca leaves.
If the Pope were to chew coca leaves during his visit to the Andean country it would provide strong backing for Mr Morales's campaign.

( * big mouth.)


("We will be awaiting the Holy Father with the sacred coca leaf," Mr Machicao said.)

Yeah I'll bet!


"Is your Holiness alright?"

Yeah this Cat is looking better'n better all the time. First he kicks the "Money Lenders" out'a the Temple. Then he sez that "Queers" is fine by him. He calls the "Capitalist Maniac Butchers" exactly what they are.

He sez "War Profiteers" is "Shit on a Stick."

Now,...good bleeping grief!! 

'Now' he's getting High with the Homies. Aw man next thing ya know he'll say all the Animals have Souls, and the Big Guy loves them as much as us.

The implication being that 'Yeah' your Dog is waiting for you in Heaven or whatever.

I tells ya I 'never' seen Shit this Cool not even with John da' XXIII.

Aw man this cat is who Obama was 'supposed' to be!

These last 10 days have been slopping over with unusually righteous news.  First the families of the victims of the Nazi bleep that killed all them folks in the Black Church publicly 'forgives' him. 

Thereby snuffing out what he wants. 

Racist shit from White Bigots in the streets, and media.  Also Black racist noise from Demagogues that are always ready to make a living off any racial tragedy.  

Then the traditional Riots from Black looters that think they can get justice by burning down liquor shops, and stealing arm loads of sneakers. Looks like we ducked them expected bullets.

That Forgiveness set off a wave of Good.

The Supremes sez Queers can get Married!  Marry Legal all over the place. The Court also gives the final Kibosh to all them spiteful attempts to kill "Obama-care".

Cherries on top.

The Court closes "loopholes" in Fair Housing Laws" which bigots have been using for the last 40+ years to restrict home buyers racially. The fucking evil bleeping shits. That stuff happened to many members of my family over the years.

Also the Court has put limits on Gerrymandering. The scheme the Republicans used to steal the House, and Senate recently.

Them evil fucking cruel bleeps.

They can't get the White House so they try to suppress votes. No sane person would vote for them. So the re-drew the lines to where there are knots of the angry, and  fearful who will.

Hopefully this ruling by the Supremes will "un-draw" the lines that got these fuckers majorities.  ...we'll see.

Btw this liberalism towards Nazi morons, and assorted bigots goes too far. Shoot the fucks on the "Today Show!"  That'll get the message across.

"Comes the revolution we'll remember who did what when, and how!"

"500 Guillotines on Wall Street, waiting!"

Okay, okay that sort of thing leads to "Robespierre City". It'd be fun at first, but it always gets out'a hand. 
Alright we'll stick with "Checks, and Balances" like Jefferson, and all them other swell Slave Holders had in mind.

Granted them Isis guys are still at it. Now hanging, and crucifying people including kids that work eat on their religious holiday. 

However it was nevertheless a Neat Week for us Yanks.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Can't wait for the 500 guillotines to get busy on them Wall Street sociopaths. Too bad that sort of thing tends to get outta hand.

    I'm starting to get the impression that as a dying civilization begins to rot from within, all the positions of power within it tend to get more and more filled up by sociopaths, or the puppets of sociopaths. You can see that in the way the EU have been systematically squeezing the life blood out of Greece, and in the way our ruling puppeticians do the bidding of their masters, which is to dog-rape the rest of us with TPP's & forcible ingestion of Frankenfoods. Under them, property has rights, people do not.

    His Popiness is right: usury has gotta go. Rentier capitalism is the economic Ebola of our times, and its death and displacement by something else will be the big story of the rest of this century. Uh - that and ecotastrophe.


  2. Yeah vengeful blood letting always stinks after a while...the bodies ya know. So we need to be cool about that. I always said when the time comes give them plutocrat bastards a fair trial find them guilty, and send them home with their pensions.

    Com'on this is a Compassionate Revolution we're after.

    Maybe the first in History.

    I agree that the Church as you say is positioning itself for what it knows is a rough long haul. Getting in tight with the world's "Homies" just makes sense. I mean since this is what everybody except that 1% will be.

    Greece is Toast,...period.

    Next Spain Italy Poland etc.

    Buy cans of beans shotgun shells, and lots of's going to be a long winter. Also if you have your own source of electricity look into electrified fencing, and land mines. 'Will come in handy when your neighbors run out of food.

    "Not the 21st Century George Jetson has in mind is it?"

  3. Sydney,
    I was unaware of changes in Gerrymandering Law. Will have to wait till our Constitution Professor comes to our Democratic Party Club to get the scoop.

    Anxiously waiting for your Podcast coming up on your birthday on July 9.

  4. Um..pod date pushed back to end of this month...sorry. complications...been ill, also didn't get out till now to pick up the equipment I had ordered from the Post office.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Google the Court's decision about gerrymandering...not perfect, but 'much' better than nothing.