Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Killing Fields"

I was just reading the news,...never a good idea. Yeah well our heroes them Isis guys is at it again. They're executing all the Syrian Prisoners of War the can get their hands on.

They just did a mass throat cutting in an open ancient amphitheater in northeaster Syria. This is within their occupation zone. They forced a crowd of hundreds to watch.

This to show the locals who was Boss now.

I heard we sent a flight jets to blow the shit out of some targets here, and there...this is good. Frying these fuckers is always a good thing,...a 'very' good thing.

However it was clearly a public relations move. No follow up no nothing. 14 targets cooked good, and proper, but then the fly boys went home. 

 Not their real orders. All that noise.

What am I rejoicing at the Death of my enemies?

Ya dammed bloody right I am. Especially these kinds of enemies. It's like a re-birth of the fucking "SS", and the "Einzengruppen" You know about them "SS" bastards. 

However the latter were special units that followed behind the lines to hunt down Jews Queers Commies Gypsies, and everybody else on the list. 

Hunt them, and sent them off to the Death camps or kill them on the spot.

That's who Isis is.

So yeah this Commie Anarchist Queer would face these fuckers bullet for bullet! If I were 40 years younger I'd be one of them guys going over there to get into some mischief.

Ha!  Yeah yeah I say that now...

It might be a seriously different story if we was pinned down wounded out of ammo and them maniac cannibals was getting closer.

Well like the old soldiers say, " ya last bullet for ya self."


Wars should be fought by the middle-aged, and elderly. That way nobody would get hurt. This as we'd all be sleeping or on the toilet.

Otherwise business as usual in this latest of "killing Fields" of this not so new Century.

Stay Tuned.

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