Monday, July 13, 2015

"As You Can Imagine"

"I'm really sick of being Sick All the time."

No big deal I just had to verbalize it. I just took my assorted Meds, and there's a lot of 'em these daze. ...more coming.

My shrink is getting me something for the nightmares. Of which I have in abundance. Mostly flash backs to crap that happened when I was young, and my years as a care-giver for an elderly relative.

This stuff is sort of a civilian version of a Soldiers PTSD. Unfortunately this don't come with any V.A. benefits.

Otherwise I'm swell. 

I'm treating myself to a movie this afternoon...been
months. 'Think I'll see the "Minions" film. I wanted to finally see "Tomorrow-land", but it looks like it was well.

Stay tuned.


  1. Sure you want to see a bunch of little guys who look like pills?

  2. I have to say though I 'really' am tired of being in pain, and mildly nuts all the time. I wish I could be a drug addict again.

    Life was so simple.

    Get high, and risk dying a nasty messy death every day. However one gets tired of all that so here I am a retired forgotten engineer with only a rabbit hand puppet...who is 'more' popular than me for company.

    Could be worse.

    I might have become an elected official.

    1. That sucks like a lamprey Sidney. Drug addiction sounds very therapeutic, if you set aside the part about a sudden messy death. Me I could settle for a coupla beers a night, and maybe half a reefer if it's not too pricey.

      Speaking of pain, I've got it in my foot - haven't been able to walk more than two blocks in months. This'll probably be with me for another year, maybe more. It's a major bummer.

      Remember, your puppet knows he'd be nothing without you.


  3. Hope ya foot gets better...major drag.

    Maybe pastries instead of deadly drugs. At this point they 'both' can 'off' me pretty good.

    'And yeah my pal "Bob the Bunny" though very popular on "FB",....his fans want him to have his own account, and page. Anyway if I don't shove my hand up his butt to animate him he's just so much soiled cotton.

    Sort of like 'our' relationship with gawd. It shoves it's celestial arm up our butt in a Holy Fisting, and brings us to life.

    Wish I had thought of that when I was a kid. 'Love to see the look on them demented Nuns faces if I came out with that. It'd be worth them kicking the shit out'a me.

    Well mostly worth it.