Thursday, July 9, 2015

"The Future that Wasn't"

"Bubble Top" cars of Tomorrow would without a hefty A.C. system be a Crock-Pot cooker. You could put a pot of stew fixings on the front seat come back in an hour to a piping 'Hot' meal.

Yeah they look cool, but this is why 'that' part of the future never happened,... flying cars too.

The damned things would crash at 300 mph into 20th floor apartments.  That, and rain oil corroded parts used coffee cups pizza rinds, and McDonnell's crap on the unsuspecting populous below.

Free tuition is another part of the future that didn't pan out. Universal National Health Care, National Rent Control, Moon Bases, French Fry Tress, and Robot Slaves to do our every wish!

Okay they did come up with the internet, and self cleaning underwear.

'But still,...

Stay Tuned.


  1. Just think of it as a motorized solar cooker, suitable for roasting an ox on the fly. Perfect for a really big beach party.

    Moon bases would be a hyper-expensive boondoggle, and robots just put people out of work. All the rest of it we could have done: but only in the absence of a neoliberal economic regime, and in the presence of something more humane and invented by sane instead of crazy people.


  2. A "Boondoggle" for sure...but fun!

    As for them Robots. They're already laying folks off, and on occasion killing them in alleged "accidents".

    True the violently insane are running the planet. Always have been I think. Anyway they have since they destroyed the matriarchal cultures.

    About them "Bubble Tops".

    I was a kid when everybody thought that "next year" they'd have cars like that. I guess field testing the prototypes were a tad messy. I mean what with the test subjects being flash fried, and all.

    So they slowly pulled all the plastic bubble transit stuff from the media. I forget what they went onto next. I suppose something just as stupid.