Sunday, July 26, 2015

"A Historical Oddity"

When I was a kid back when cars had fins, and comic books were .10 cents. I wanted a bleeping Schwinn bike like crazy! I wanted it more than the blow jobs I'd heard rumors of in the school yard.

Them things were the coolest two wheels on any block anywhere in the Free World! I had dreams about the things. However of course I didn't get bleep for Christmas...socks, and cards from relatives I'd never met, and as it turned out never would. 

Btw it's strange, but in the 1950's everyone at least in 'this' country was White. Odd that, and historians are mystified. 'All',...I mean 'ALL' of the printed media.

Newspapers text books posters novels history books magazines of that faraway era depict Whites, and only Whites.  

All of the surviving movies TV recordings photographic portraits slides etc. are the same as the papers magazines, and books.

The historical materials of the 1950's all point to the 'amazing' fact that there were so far as we have discovered, only one ethnic racial group within the borders of the United States of America. 

Eh,...with the exceptions of Hawaii, and America Samoa.

However as all who were there remember in about 1965 some of us woke up Black. It was Hell on Skates after that.

'But that's another story for another time. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. I had a Schwinn Stingray back in the 60's, with butterfly handlebars, 3 gears & foot brakes. Loved it. Wish I had one now. Can't stand modern bikes that won't let you sit upright. Fucking ten-speeds.

    I remember when everyone was white, but then I left the 'burbs & discovered a whole new reality. As I recall, everyone in America was also heterosexual. Other possibilities could not be imagined to exist, and so did not.

    BTW, I could never stand the Cleaver family. They embody a certain smarmy wholesomeness that absolutely creeps me out. I'd rather watch a zombie movie.


  2. They were strange days indeed. See my "Dick, and Jane" post for further details. in fact the only thing I liked about that era besides the electric train sets was the sky.

    The night sky.

    Back in them daze at least around here the haze, and light pollution wasn't as total as today. Now you can see maybe 5 or 6 stars. Then the sky was full of them We even used to sit out at night to watch the first satellites sail was magical for a kid.