Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Who Knew?"

Who knew that anyone would be interested in an aged broken down old engineer like your Heroic Editor. Just when I was settling into medicated retirement an old dear pal from the Biz emails with with a proposition.

She wants me to be a character on an animated series her group is getting off the ground.

So of course I sez "Yes". 

Anything to get me out'a the house.

There's some of the early art-work above. It's a clean upbeat happy kiddy sort of thing. 

So I asks her if she 'really' wants me. This since my cleanest stuff is "XXXX-Rated".

She sez don't worry cool clean stuff is being written for my characterFull disclosure I know this producer's Mom, and watched her mature. So it's all in the family,....ah how fast they grow up.

Anyway she's got "Name" people involved so this project has legs. Cool we'll see what happens. 

The best thing is all I have to do perform the character, and not be in the rough bleep storms of suits money, and production.

 Oh the comfort of age.

 Eh,...the names of the folks, and business details I with-hold till later.

When the project flies I'll tell ya. Till then...

Stay tuned.


  1. That's fantastic! I hope they pay ya a million bucks!


  2. Yeah me too. Maybe some beach front property as well. On the other hand this thing has the scent of 'PBS" about it. Which means I'll be lucky to get a stale ham sandwich...with 'no' mustard.

    I'll keep you guys posted. They're still writing, and cooking up the basic art. So it may take a while, but still.

    Ya know I always wanted to be a cartoon.

    All my years as a criminal Queer artist, and demented obscure radio guy is already forgotten. Looks like I'll only be remembered as a cartoon character.

    One could do worse.

    'Course I ain't signed nothing yet so we'll see.