Sunday, July 5, 2015

"RFC SE5a"

I've posted these snaps a few times over the years,...sue me. It's my model of a "Royal Flying Corp" SE5a. A WW1 aircraft. Below is a r.c. version's very artistically done...neat.

I'm sure I still have the thing around a box or something. Maybe the kids will find it when I kick the bucket, and sell it on Ebay.

Aw,...that's okay.

I understand you can't take model planes or booze with you to the next life...if any.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Yes you can SO take it with you! That's what Egyptian pyramids are all about.

    BTW, I recently learned about a fabulous early aviator, a French-Brazilian guy named Alberto Santos-Dumont. 120 years ago he used to fly right over the rooftops of Paris (no air traffic regs back then) in his personal dirigible. He actually flew to lunch at Maxim's in it.


  2. Yeah I've heard of that guy. He had his rig tied up to his balcony, and would take jaunts about town in it,...seriously cool.

    If he was still around or reincarnated somewhere I'd vote for 'him' in 2016. Given that our choice is between Hillery, and an assortment of Nazi Wack Jobs.

    Also since you say we 'can' take our shit with us I'm taking a bike a shotgun, and one'a them electronic translator things so I can chat with the heavenly natives...or shoot them.

    Eh,...depending on the situation.

  3. Or you could try studying the Enochian alphabet. John Dee worked it out back in the day for talking with spirits and angels. I s'pose it might come in handy. Just don't talk to any demons - they're bad news.

    That S-D guy has expanded my wish list horizons. I've long dreamt of yachts - a sailing catamaran would be my fave. But even that fades beside such steampunk fantasies of personal liberation as having one's very own airship - the ultimate in freedom, and the best way to get to the Republic of Sidneyland, I'll wager.

    There's a Belgian guy, an engineer, who's been working out the design for an airship that never lands. He made some convincing-looking models of it, as of a coupla years ago. I don't know if he's progressed with it since then. Maybe if I help him build it he'll make an extra one for me.


  4. Me I guess I'll have to fight it out here on the ground. I'm on a hill so when the water come we'll be an island...this is good.

  5. BTW, check your email; I sent you a picture.

    Stay dry!