Friday, July 24, 2015


Why am I still doing any of this? There's minimal Human contact. I say basically the same thing over. Also my creativity is bleaching out.

I weary of it all. 

I suspect this may be part of the aging process. After all after you have kids evolution is through with you. I never had any, but still. 


I think that's the crux of it. Well that, and all the other piled up bullshit.  Your wet-wear is just so full of static. I mostly sleep. Rarely work at any creative projects. 

"Waiting to die" as I tell my shrink.

Btw that's a normal emotional reaction to the on-set of old age. I'm told not to worry about it.



Stay tuned.


  1. Hey Uncle! As far as I'm concerned you're doing just fine and burning as bright as ever. My world would be a lot darker if I didn't have you to look forward to.
    Ya hear?

  2. It's not old age alone. It's exhaustion. I've often felt the same thing lately. We're swimming upstream, and it's worn us out. The zeitgeist of the age is against us. Brain dead sociopaths don't have this problem because their character is in harmony with it. At times like this, Attila & Co. inherit the earth.

    As for creativity wearing down, Michelangelo kept going until he was 89, and he wasn't the only one by any means. But he was living in the Renaissance, whereas our time is pretty much the opposite of that. The decline into a dark age isn't a good time for creative people. Plus, the state-sponsored bigotry and hate don't help much either.


  3. P.S. - Anonymous is right, Sidney. You're a light against the darkness.


  4. Thanks for posting comrades.

    Say is there some pill for this "Zeitgeist" thing 'cause it's fucking up my shit real bad.

    Yeah I guess trying to bring on laffs ironies weird insights, and images of Boy Angels with their Schlongs hanging out as a Dark Age descends is a recipe for sitting alone at 2:35 in the morning starring blankly.

    Which I've become rather good at by the by.

    I feel like a WW-1 grunt in the trenches telling my pals to cheer up because "one day there'll be underwear that clean themselves". '....and there is too.

    I'd go on, "..."Course not me or any of you poor dumb bastards will be here to enjoy them."

    Still it's the thought that counts.

    You warms what left of my shredded Heart Anon.

    "...burning as bright as ever. My world would be a lot darker..."

    Bless ya Heart,...Both of them!