Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Be like a Panda!"

(I'd also include "Annoyed" general "Bad Attitude", and a "Specific'n Personal Dislike" of the DMV."


  1. This seems like a good place to mention the following. It's not often that we get good news in this world, especially in this deplorably dismal 21st Century. So I just wanna point out what superbly excellent news it is that the people of Greece have just told the usurious sociopathic vampires of the Eurozombiezone to go shove it, and in no uncertain terms, too. Viva Hellas! Viva for-*real* democracy! Greeks are Pandas!


  2. "...And a PANDA shall lead the Way"

    Verse:6, Chapter 22 of the "Secret Testament of Ralph Chubb".

    (For the uninitiated...Google him.)