Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Dick, and Jane in Hell"

Carolyn a dear pal of many decades, and I have been having a back, and forth on "Face Book" about how abused, and fucked up our lives were as little kids in the 1950's. She said she 'wins' because although I was black my family was working class, and we had a house. She though white was very poor, and was routinely fucked over.

So she gets the "Gold" in the "Children's Terror/Abuse Olympics".

I countered by say being Colored in the 50's trumps her Poverty. 'Sides I got beat up all the time , and was butt raped at summer day camp. She said she got raped too like most kids did by an older cousin.

Anyway we compromised.

I get the "Bronze" with honorable mention for being a fag, and getting roughed up all the time behind that. She keeps the "Gold" for being a girl getting raped, and living in fucked up poverty.

Fair enuff.

She sent me a post of one of the primary lesson books of our kid-hood. One of them demented "Dick, and Jane" things.  "See Sid, no relation to our lives" sez Carolyn.  Indeed. My full response below.

"See Sid, no relation to our lives"

Yep none whatever. All them "Dick Books" were full of these strange people living in these fantasy lands where everybody had everything, and kids didn't get whipped with extension cords.

The kids in them books looked so weird too. 

Not like anyone we'd ever seen. Yeah they was all white, but not normal white. They were all dressed so neat didn't have fucked up teeth not fat or insane looking or dorky or ugly like real kids looked. Their parents were just downright from other planets. 

All rich driving two cars at once wearing fuck'n suits evening gowns having the boss over for dinner. The boss looked like that editor Mr. White from that old "Superman" series on black'n white TV. 

The frigging ice cream man,...the big event of the day in these things. 

That guy looked like "Clark fucking Kent". He'd let these Zombie kids crawl all over his truck, and would usually give these mutants all the free cones they could carry. He didn't even molest them. The grandparents were stranger still. 

For one they weren't living in a refrigerator box in a vacant lot. 

They wasn't nuts, and crapping, and drooling all over the place either. They had these big bleeping estates in the country in which they let these cyborg kiddies run about in making all the destructive mayhem they wanted. 

Did I mention the damned dog. 

That little fuck ate better than anyone on my block, and got to crap, and piss wherever it wanted. I remember always hoping the damned thing would get run over by a big garbage truck. 

Squashed to hell it's guts flying out of it's mouth it's fucking brains splattering Dick, and Jane. The parents sprayed with shit blood, and assorted puppy parts as the truck obliviously drove on. 

Finally these proto-One Percenters see some reality!

Btw all this is was just the books...TV, and movies is a whole 'nother chapter.

("Dick, and Jane" deleted scenes. This image below from "Dick, and the Magic Powder." The stupid kid takes too much of his Beatnik Uncle's cocaine., and has a seizure.)

I was going to put an image of our pal "Dick" up there getting a blow job from "Rastus" their grandparents Colored handy man...handy indeed. You'll just have to imagine that blessed event as I don't want to get this joint deleted,...again.

Btw,'s a further "Deleted Scene".

I was going to leave this out figuring I had done justice to this deranged sem-reality. However a good comrade pointed out the necessity of including it.

Yep besides being a kid from some alternate universe Dick's also a gleeful Sissy. The only thing 'good' about his whole weird family. Like 'me' in my early daze his grandma liked to dress the little faerie up in gowns, and what not.

Looks like there's 'hope' for the little prick yet!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Children's books showing kids who aren't dorky or ugly? Twisted.

    "She said she got raped too like most kids did by an older cousin."

    This happens to most kids - for *real*? Never happened to anyone I knew - not that they told me about, anyway.

    I gotta admit I was pretty lucky. White, middle class, pampered - almost like those Dick & Jane freaks I suppose, only fortunately there were enough hippies around to inoculate us against zombieism.

    I like your illustration of the kid at his desk. Too bad we can't see Rastus being handy with Dick, but I guess imagination will have to do.


  2. I just thought of a great episode, where Dick tries on Mommy's clothes and steals her lipstick and Jane rats him out to the cops. Whaddaya think?


  3. Actually I was going to include that, but figured I had painted the picture of this demented reality accurately enough. However now that you bring it up...heck I'll throw that in too!

    Btw about the "rape" thing. Towards the end of my engineering daze I looked after a show about that. A couple of swell gals produced it. What I learned was that girls got diddled pretty regular by assorted male relatives.

    It seems it's far more common than most think.

    Of course this has 'Nothing' to do with the BL world,...mostly. I sat "mostly" because in my time I've run into some evil fucking predators. Both as a kid, and adult.