Friday, July 24, 2015

"Genoicde is Fun"

 "...We're a waring people." We are. 

So's pretty much 'Everybody' else. It's a matter of when, and who. Right now we're the guys with the bombs. Used to be the Brits the Vikings the Zulus, heck even the bleeping French. That proves it's all of us. Although most stupid commies think we...the swell U.S. of A. are the worst in history.

I see that crap all the time in the more demented Left press. That's where I got the opening quote from. Gimme a damned break. The Right, and Left in this country deserve each other the damned stupid dummies.

Hey Morons read a damned history book!

Have a look at the genocidal religious wars in Europe the Khans butchering their way across Asia. More recently the mass murdering of Imperial Japan. There was an actual reason we built the frigging A-Bomb. Them, and their Nazi pals we're actually nastier that us. 

If they were running things today most of your parents, and grand parents would have been killed enslaved. "You" very likely would not have been born. Again do some reading comrades.

Yeah bring up Nagasaki, and I can match you with a Nanking. Bring up Dresden, and I got with with Coventry. We can do this through as many centuries of warfare as ya like. The thing is we're killers. 'All' of us. 

Nope none of us are innocent...'none' of us. 

Not even your latest favorite oppressed group. Go back far enough somewhere along the line they were knee deep in someone else's Blood. 

We're just funny that way.

Stay tuned.


  1. I know a man who survived Dresden. He was a small child, living near the outskirts I believe, and when the bombing started his family got him the hell out of there, pronto. Very lucky little boy.


  2. I grew up surrounded by Holocaust Survivors in Brooklyn. So many of the Jewish adults of my childhood had that frightful green tattoo of numbers on their wrists.

    Bless that little boy.

    Tens of thousands burned alive in Dresden by the British, and us doesn't bring Justice to the millions burned in the War, and the Camps. Just as bombing the hell out of Iraq didn't bring Justice to the thousands killed on 9/11.

    The dead Jews didn't look down from Paradise, and rejoice at the vision of thousands of German people roasting in their basements streets, and homes.

    Nor did the thousands of New Yorkers burned, and crushed alive look down, and cheer the burning of Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    "Justice" is a Kind thing. A Gentle Vision of Forgiveness.

    "Revenge". Well that's another matter.