Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Sky Clad"

I'm getting into my summer habits. Basically all the windows shut both air conditioners on "high", and lots of iced tea. The Humidity has socked in pretty good so don't expect me to go anywhere in the long steamy daylight hours.

Well sure I'll be doing ice cream runs sometimes, and maybe the now, and then stupid summer movie. Otherwise I'll see you in late September when the temps go down to about 85f.

Btw if I were 12 or so I'd skinny dippy with my pals like in the dangerous images below. My Dad, and Uncles told me that's what they did down South when they were kids.

I remember they told me this to allay my fears when I found out that the pool at my day-camp was nude swimming.  "Sky Clad" as the Neo-Pagans calls it. It was supposed to be healthy. 

Well that or the councilors has certain interests. 

I didn't mind that really, even in those faraway times us kids joked about such. It's just that for me it was a seriously embarrassing thing.  I got over it in the first five minutes as my Dad said I would.  

See it's one thing if you're the only kid standing there with your damned schlong hanging out, and entirely another if you're in a gang of 20 lads so deported.

Anyway happy Summer to you dear comrades.

Stay Tuned.

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