Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The Storm is still deciding how big it wants to be. Anyway I went out to the store before it gets too crazy. The wind died down, but the TV sez we're really in for it.

That's a relief.

Whenever these guys say that it means nothing is going to happen. So I'm setting about making dinner. A nice sloppy Beef Stew.

Sorry Mrs. Cow, no really I am.

I'm just Hungry is all.

So Beef Stew. Well actually beef short rib stew. I didn't wear my walking glasses again, and picked that out by mistake. So I have to cut the bone away. that, and spice it up toss in assorted veggies, and whatever is laying around from before.

You ever notice how all that weird nasty crap you got hanging around ends up tasting swell after you dump it into a cooking stew.  Um,...okay sometimes.

Anyhow I just slopped the whole mess into the Crock Pot Cooker, and it should be almost like food in an hour or so.

Meanwhile back to watching "Chappie" a neat flick about a police robot that becomes Self Aware. It's funny scary sad interesting, and generally cool. Get the Blue-ray or DVD. It's worth it. 

 Stay Tuned.

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