Friday, June 19, 2015

"My Kind of Bear!"

About the Church killings the other day. Our country is changing again...shifting ethnically. That's what America does. It 'can' change, and does. In 2012 there were more brown, and black babies born that whites, Thought this does not mean a united Colored hegemony. 

One look at the Dominican Republic where brown people are expelling all the gun point often sez that. 

Anyway some whites feel very threatened by our current set of changes. That they are certain to be a minority far sooner than they imagined. Hence the white extremists wanting the Pacific Northwest as their ethnic Homeland. that, and individual whites igniting in murderous rage, and sometimes going on killing sprees.

The "guest of honor" at this most recent massacre seems to have ignited.

These things are happening more, and more often. Some big some small, but they're going on. Eventually we'll stabilize, and go back to hating our 'real' enemy.

"The French!!"

Stay Tuned.  


  1. We've stupidly alienated Russia over the past 25 years, and are now provoking a string of proxy wars we probably don't even mean to try to win. China holds our debt by the balls, and owns ten percent of our real estate. Every time we buy some cheap plastic crap from them, we're helping them to make us poorer. These countries and Iran are getting together to destroy the dollar as a reserve currency. Mexico will probably reclaim the southwestern states at some point. Our massive and ongoing "quantitative easing" will inevitably produce a currency collapse, probably in the form of hyperinflation.

    Who is our real enemy? Who or what should we blame for our troubles? Our own stupidity: that's the culprit. And it is the cause if the fact that this country will never do anything to improve its situation, but only and always the opposite.


    I didn't know that about the Dominican Republic. Sounds awful.


  2. Wish I could write about good news, and funny stuff, but there just ain't much of any of that to be found.

    We're about about as fucked as Poland was in 1939.

    ....and That! was as Fucked as ya could Get!!!

  3. Yes, the Joubert universe is definitely an improvement on our reality.

    How about you & me & some likely lads put to sea in a trusty schooner & head for the Marquesas? Just stay clear of the Horn!


  4. Well I've had my eye on a retired Turkish Mine Sweeper tied up here near the Brooklyn Bridge. How the fuck it ended up here who knows, but it's cheap, and will do the job.

    We'll need rations of Cheerios Hot Dogs Cherry Cokes Ganja, and Chocolate Chip cookies...lot of cookies.

    Times being what they are I'm sure we'll have no problem gathering a swell crew of lads. First Star to the Right, and Straight on till Morning. That or where the GPS sez we should go.