Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"For Heaven's Sakes"

I just realized why I'm dizzy have a headache, and grouchy.  I forgot to eat for the last few days. Imagine that. I need to bring this up with my shrink this week.

I mean is this early dementia or am I just nuts as usual. Honest I really forgot. I made some stew I guess Sunday night, and when I opened the fridge I'd see it, and think I already ate.

Remembering Sunday.

Humm, could climbing the Chrysler Building with my underwear on my head while singing the "Oscar Myer"(tm) hot dog song be far behind? That or going to a "Hell's Angel" bar kicking over their choppers just to see what will happen.

Yeah I needs to bring this one up with ol' Doc, and see what see thinks. Till them Happy Easter.

Stay Tuned.

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