Saturday, June 27, 2015


I remember during my years on the "Air" how I used to 'Plead' for Peace, and Kindness. At least sometimes. My cynical pissed off self would often show up as well as some will recall. I feel like "Pleading" again, but with an edge of the self interested pissed off bleep I have.

So finally I combine my multiple selves.

A huge chunk of our world is busy butchering itself. Even while the very ground under their feet is poisoned drying out, and rotting away.

My solution or my naive hopes expressed on this page of a fantasy brave valiant United Nations, or American Army going in to clean out Isis's Clock!

"Boots Finally on the bleeping Ground!"

Something politically not possible or desired by the major powers. Is just that my "fantasy".
Isis, and the other assorted deranged movements, and parties are here to stay. Unless we address the reasons they came about. Poverty injustice, and the general Geo-political set-up we now have.
The mad religious or ideological forces live, and breath the corrosion of what our world is now. Blowing them up wouldn't much fun as that would be. A week later we'd be facing the "Sons of Isis" even crazier that their daddies.

So here's another naive fantasy.

Give these lunatics a reason to go on other than those mythical "72 Virgins". I mean if those hoards of unemployed uneducated horny young men had an alternative to wet dreams of a personal eternal Sexcapade. One only achieved after one of our drones blasts them to greasy bits.

If they had something good they could get,...without getting vaporized. Odds are no mullah could talk them into tying bombs to their chests.

Human nature is human nature especially for broke horny guys.

My current fantasy is a "Marshall Plan" for all the countries that we just kicked the shit out of. It pretty much worked in Europe after WW2. This because we learned the lesson of WW1. You leave your former enemies starving in the streets you'll be fighting their kids in 20 years,...and we did.

The mess we created over the last 100 years or so in the Middle-East will be with us forever if we don't finally recognize this. Well when I say "we" I mean the West generally. Actually it's mostly our pals the Brits that hold the bag on the Middle-East.

All the terror, and bloody mayhem out there can honestly, and correctly be laid at the feet of the Crown.

Yeah we were part of it...the damned French too. However the Brits are guilty as bleeping charged...Google that history it's all there. They drew the maps. They rigged the elections. They paid off the right big shots. They took the oil.

So Feed'em Educate them Build them Back up.

Basically everything we didn't do in the last 15 years of stunning short sighted murderous stupidity.
Google the old Marshal Plan for the fine details it's all bleeping there.

Sure we can't do exactly the same thing. We'd have to "tweak" the shit out of it all over the place. However as for them guys chopping off heads. If they had a job a home food a motor bike or Chevy cable high speed connection, and pizza we'd all be sleeping a lot easier around here.

You got a better idea let me know.

Stay tuned.

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