Friday, December 9, 2016

"A Little Visit"

Hi folks.

I'm that guy you call Jesus the Christ, ya doing. Look I came by to say...again. ...gimme a break. That I was born in Judea a few thousand years ago. That I'm a "Brown Jew", and not a "Swedish Christian". Look just Google the history of the area alright?

Also quit worshiping me.

I mean thanks, and all, but that really wasn't the idea. The whole thing was just to get you maniacs to be a bit nicer to each other. Also there's no hell...not in the demented way your Religions teach anyway. That, and quit committing genocide in my various names...not good!

So,....I Loves you Cool Kats.

Yeah ya so full 'a shit, but I still loves you. Try that with them that pisses you off...hint hint...that's what I came to your freak show in the first place for. Btw I like that you're going to the Moon 'n Planets, and all, and making so many cool things...Toasters! Ball point pens...heck even my Dad never thought of that jazz...see you can really be good. 

However that Strip Mining thing...real bad idea.

Your despoiling the Earth is a serious mark against your species. Here's a phrase for you,..."Early Extinction". Get my drift? Anyway with one of my Birthdays coming up,...the real one was in the Spring, but never mind.

Anyhow for my Birthday it would be cool if each of you all seven billion not counting all the Virus Plankton Whales Great Oaks Lady Bugs, Cats, and folks...

Look for my Birthday if each of you Seven Billion Humans could do one kind generous act for each other...I'd ask more, but I ain't gonna push my luck. If you'd do this neat thing. That would seriously make me Happy. You'd actually dig it too!

That, and a Happy New Year.

...And don't drink, and drive or get into stupid fights or family scenes...what the heck's da matter with you people. That's why you can't have nice'on.

Well 'still' loves ya, and keep working on Fusion Energy. Besides Solar that stuff will have you all living like the "Jetson's" in no time.

That's all for now.



  1. Why Beauty Matters:

    I think you'll like this one. It's by a philosopher, on BBC, and he SLAMS the cult of ugliness in art.


  2. Truth is beauty, beauty truth, like the poet said.


  3. Thanks great douc. He tells it perfectly.

    As he said "Modern Art" now literally serves up cans of "packed shit" as art,...and people buy it.

    Rome in it's last daze.