Sunday, December 4, 2016


Americans are semi-educated superstitious delusional racist self-centered greedy spawn of Satan scumbags...mostly. They wouldn't share a glass of water with a person dying of thirst...especially if that person weren't white. May gawd curse them to their furthest generation, and may scorpions feast on their rotting carcasses.

(...yeah that's right Uncle Syd is disgusted fed up, and angry. You want to help me or anyone?! Tell your fucking homophobic misogynist racist relatives to stop voting for Nazi's....that might help.)

And another g-ddamned fucking thing. The rest of you fucking let's be nice to the Wogs progressives can go to fucking hell too! The usual suspects don't want or need your useless, oh so easy for you, your fucking good will. You can shove it up your ass along with your Nazi relatives.

I think this sums it all up.



                                                    "The People Have Spoken"


  1. Sid, you're at your best when you're pissed off! Stick it to 'em!