Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Another Day in the Life"

Well I'm cleaning my house. Keeping it pretty.

Acknowledging my aging body. How my flesh hangs on my bones in a different way now.
Thinking of finishing my book. I've dug up, and or downloaded the crap I've been writing over the past 10 years or so.

Also all the usual Sidney stuff. Being depressed, confused, and collecting dolls. Well I can't afford them "Barbie's" anymore so I'm just confused.

Ahh, but oh the sales!

I have no dough, but I 'must' spend! That about sums it up. My problem is I have all I need. I have the basics. A home. A nice comfy bed, a flat screen, a high speed connection. A space to write make art, and toys.

I'm good.

Thing is I see stuff I already have, but at half price, and I want to get 'em, several of 'em! Piles, and piles of useless home appliances.

Toasters, waffle irons, radios, TV's, dish sets, assorted wine racks,...and I don't drink. Pots, pans, fire place grills,. I don't have a fire place. All that, and garden furniture, I don't have a garden.

So you see my problem.

I like everyone else have been hypnotized by the culture of useless stuff. When I'm on the subway I read sales flyers for electronic junk I don't need actually don't want. I'll never use any of that noisy crap, but would buy six of each if I still had a credit card to max out.

It's perhaps good that I'm so poor now. My home is very Zen. There's so little in it, and I likes that just fine.

Happy Solstice.

Stay Tuned.

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