Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Day in the Life"

Well as daze go this was productive. I mean as compared to most others when I mostly cower under my kitchen sink. That or bricking up my windows against Nazi's breaking in, and taking my hidden Chocolate stash. 'Or I'm busy scribbling in crayon the details of that new religion I'm starting.

No today I did what I had to do.

I paid my rent mailed in my lease renewal so I'll have a place to live. Took care of my utility bills went to the supermarket, and gave a guy a few bucks so he could get something to eat. Which he did as I saw him go into the Chinese take out as opposed to the drug dealer across the street.

All the necessaries plus a good deed.

Now what? See this is the problem with life. Ya do your responsibilities then you have 95% of the rest of the day to fill up. At least if your retired anyway. One thing later is to measure myself for my new uniform. So I bought a tape measure. Got into this weird theological thing with the proprietor of the shop.

He laid all this Jehovah's Witness paperwork on me...always smile, and nod when this happens. I decided not to tell him about my new religion based on dope sex, and comic books.
Well he was a nice guy, and meant well...I also didn't tell'em I was Queer. Them "Witness" guys support death for fags, and such. Btw as I mentioned somewhere I'm always nice to the assorted religious nuts I bump into. I see them as all having the "Shine".

'Been touched by the Higher Realms, and all.

Sure they're going on about this Gawd or that maybe their dog told them shit who knows, but still they go touched, and went bleeping nuts. The more educated that get touched become theologians or deranged artists. Guys like Pollack Dali Ginsberg, and Walt Whitman.

I know I was "Touched".

Been seeing bleep in time, and space hearing stuff wild dreams alien abductions the whole deal. I remember I was maybe 8, and I was captured by the Sky. I was sitting on the ground in the school yard, and staring at the wonder of the late October sky...didn't notice all the kids had gone in.
Sister Jane had to come out, and get me. The principle thought I was disturbed, and told my Mom I might need help. Mom told her to bleep off, and quit beating me, and all the other kids so much.

So began my life as an "Urban Shaman"...sort of.

Those that used to listen to my radio programs know what I mean. Which is why I'm thinking of setting up a new, and mostly harmless religion. That or just doing a performance of my idea for a store-front temple.

"Uncle Sydney's First Church of Amazing Bewilderment"

The more I think about it the more I may do this thing. Oh yeah about being cool with all the religious nutters on the street.

There's a bunch of "Witness" folks stationed near the subway I use. I always smile, and nod...take their stuff when offered too. I'm sincere. Sure they'd burn me at the what. It's nice to be nice. I even asked them to pray for me when I was going nuts...more than usual a while back.

They did.

Wow how neat is that. Anyway later...did I mention this. Anyway with that tape measure I got from the "Witness" guy at his shop. I'm going to measure myself for me new uniform. Now I just wear the one I've used for the last 50 years or so...jeans t-shirt sneakers cap hoodie.

Basic working class/ student/ artist/ undercover-cop/ lay-about male 20th/21st century garb. Thanks to my sister making a Christmas present of it. Soon I'll be walking around as a mid-19th century U.S. Civil War grunt.

It's what I always wanted.

Anyway such is just another day in the life.

Stay tuned.


  1. That Civil War outfit looks great on those guys. Can't wait to see pix of you in it.

    When I do my chores it seems like 95 percent of my day is GONE and I have no energy left. To me, busyness is a time suck that destroys any potential for creating art, and busybodies are always trying to shove it in me - er, I meant on me.

    I'm creating a religion too, as I think you know, and I got one of the core concepts of my theology from Wilhelm Reich: erotic energy is the creative power of the universe. Eros is the king of the cosmos!


  2. ...of course we're going to need altar boys.

    A certain amount of peyote as well.