Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Surreal Circus"

At first I was afraid Trump, and his Bully Boy supporters were going to try to put us into cattle cars. Now I see he doesn't even have 'that' level of organization.

We're in for a surreal circus run by an Evil Three Stooges. That China gaff is just the start. I can hardly wait for him to negotiate Nuclear arms Treaties or important long term Economic Arraignments. These should be fun to watch. "C-Span" will be my favorite Channel!

I mean sure he'll cut off PBS funds Medicare Social Security are history all Arts Funding, and turning all National Parks into Strip Mines...that's a given.  Maybe we could talk Canada into invading us when he's off golfing. I'm sure we'd have no problem learning their anthem.

Hell half the folks on TV, and our Movies are Canadian.

That, and I already like Canadian Bacon. Yum!

Stay Tuned.

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