Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Beneath Lavender Skies"

"Ken" as he is today." Noted scholar researcher author artist/poet actor model, and former City Council-Person of the City of San Francisco. He's also a Gay Activist. Was one of the founding members of the California "Gay Activists Alliance".

"Ken" along with his lifelong friend, and former wife "Barbie" are about to embark on an international book tour.

His latest is called "Beneath Lavender Skies". It's his long awaited Autobiographical work of his time in the Mattel Toy Company. His meeting Barbie the forced marriage. The deep closet years Aids police, and FBI blackmail.

Most of all President Obama's work to help him clear not only his, but the names of countless dolls, and fictional characters with both government, and local police files being held over them.

Above is a portrait of Ken taken for this interview, and the infamous 1978 mug shot of Barbie.

This was taken when she was arrested trying to intervene for Ken when he was being beaten by "Toon Police" on the front steps of his own home. They punched her out, arrested her as a prostitute, and made sure all the tabloids got the mug shot.

Ugly days indeed.

This incident too is covered in detail in the book, "Beneath Lavender Skies". The Captain in charge, now retired, is interviewed. For the first time he officially reveals where the orders for the "Ken" hit came from,...a Shocker!

"Beneath Lavender Skies", Oxford University Press. To be released March 15th of this year.

Stay Tuned.

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