Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Uncle Algernon Remembered"

While "Bob the Bunny" hibernates I thought I'd post a few shots of him in his new "Neville Chamberlain" look  at the 10th Anniversary observance of the Disappearance of his Great Uncle Algernon.

This event as always was held at Peter Rabbit Hall at Columbia University.

"Professor Algernon Bunny", see photo...last in the series below, was a professor, and Chair of the Quadruped Studies Department at Columbia for many years, and has been Honored at P.R.Hall annually.

After years as a noted scholar, and researcher Professor Algernon Bunny simply vanished. One day he simply didn't turn up at his well attended lectures. Bob the Bunny relates that just before his leaving Algernon would as in a trance speak of cryptic tales concerning a certain Doctor a Blue Box multi-dimentional doors other species not only watching us, but directly acting in Earthly Mammal affairs.

These tales have been the subject of many books, and documentaries. Also Bob is certain that his Great Uncle will one day return to clear up all the mysteries surrounding his leaving.
We all look forward to his return, and the great truths he will relate on that great day.

Stay Tuned.

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