Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Oh Charlie...where have you gone?"

My favorite French fashion model, and "bad boy" has vanished. Gone back I assume to private life...basically to finish University studies..I hope.

Ah, but we'll always have Paris!

Stay Tuned.


  1. I guess teenage fashion models are prone to have brief careers. I hope he made a bundle during his time in the limelight and salted it safely away.

    University Studies, yes - & not Crack Studies.


  2. You said it. If he was wise he'd have a nice bundle of Gold Swiss Francs stashed for when everybody is fighting in the streets for dog food when the collapse comes.

    As for his personal Beauty. Biology trumps desire every time. Male youthful beauty of the flesh is so painfully brief. However Beauty of the Soul is Eternal!

    We must remember that.