Friday, March 27, 2015


All night I listened. Listened, and slept to the patter of Spring rain.


Well okay it did Snow the next day, and went down to 28f,...but still.


  1. Howzabout sending some precipitation this way? This place is turning into a desert.

    Lovely, soothing pictures. They feel good to look at.


  2. Rain is so nice!

  3. Rain is cool as long as the root don't get into your drainage line...yuck! The American West like almost 'all' of Australia is a desert. We tend to forget that out East here.

    I listen to Aussie radio online, and their big talk radio issue ain't race riots gunned down kids or's water. Water who get's it, and how much, and when. These guys go crazy yelling, and threatening each other over it.

    I imagine it must be similar out West.

    With the Colorado River drying up we're headed for "Mad Max" time out there. Listen if ya need it I can send you some Tupperware of that snow I've been ought to be melted to a nice glass of cold water by the time you get it.

    Alright yeah it's just a small token, but it's the thought that counts. Is it legal to dig wells in your yard out there or is there some sort of Big Government rule that makes you die of thirst?

    Us we have more water than we know what to do with. Recall our high risers going dark because the water knocked out their power. Subways flooded out tides 20 feet above normals...swell.

    Please take care comrade. Look if it snows could too. I'll freeze dry 50 gallons of the stuff, and mail it out to ya...hows that?

    Away Peace to you, and Lukas!