Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Perhaps I Spoke of Spring Too Soon"

Right just when my soul turns to Spring we get a surprise Blizzard...well it was a Surprise to Me!  When I went to bed it was somewhat warm, and raining I get up, and there near a foot of snow on the ground.

Next time I'll watch the news.

Of course I went out to enjoy the frozen spray from Heaven. If it weren't for the near frostbite I would really have "enjoyed" it indeed. They say it's going down to 10f tonight.

(Btw there's "Russian Barbie" up there in her element.)

However it'll be about 50f in a few daze so this whole thing will be a hideous mess as it flash melts. We have three seasons around here...Heatwave Frostbite, and Mud.

"Mud" is about to start. Then we slip into "Heatwave" for about five  six months depending. All courtesy of Global Climate Change. We used to have intermediate seasons called "Spring", and "Fall". They're mostly gone now. We just have the extremes these days.

Aw well.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Natasha daaahling - you look faabulous. The snow so becomes you. But whatever happened to Boris? Abducted by a moose?


  2. Ahhh,...Boris.

    He's subject of a coming post. Stay Tuned.