Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Watch the Skies!"

 "BOB the Bunny" caught on the "Sydneyhaus" security cam last month hitting the ice box for snacks,...we're both supposed to be on diets.

Bob'n I put up them cams because of all the Alien Abductions going on in the neigborhood. Naw no point in calling the Cops or Feds. They know what's going down.

It's that "Treaty of Death Valley" the U.N., and the bleeping Pope signed with them damned Saucer Guys back in '52. We gave the store away. We basically let then do what they want whenever they want.

In return they toss Earth a few high tech bones for us to play with.

Nice...Swell just swell.

Don't bother looking on line for this stuff. It's air tight suppressed. What gets out is laughed away in the media by special debunking units.

So that's that.

'But still,...Watch the Skies...Watch the Skies!

Stay Tuned.

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