Sunday, March 22, 2015

"...wadda ya know"

I made this piece to show to my shrink. Turns out it isn't what's there in it...but what's not. I had intended to make a dark grim work as a way of telling my Doc the about the Hell I'm trapped in.
I figured it would be easier with pictures...I'm tired of words...same old sob story all that.

Well it came out entirely different than I had intended.

It's Hopeful.

Though that's the last thing I feel now. The only part that survives of my original intent is the Black Bird which I meant to be me. I was supposed to be flying in grey skies over an apocalyptic landscape.
...came out different.

I think my inner self yearns for Hope, and Beauty, and it moved my fingers to say so. ...well wadda ya know.

Stay Tuned.

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