Friday, March 13, 2015

"Black Moddona"

I had another dream about the "Mother Creator G-ddess" last night. She's the only deity that's ever visited me in dreams. Well aside from former President Carter who showed up the other day.

However even 'he' would never say he was a g-d!

The thing is She usually shows up as I saw her in school. Basically a medieval white lady with a kid. This time She she was all neon, and Black...finally.

If the historical Mary existed she'd be brown.

'But whose counting.

The Mother of G-d in our case the Mother of Jesus is an important background figure in the faith of the People of the Book. ..Jews Islam, and Christians.

In fact She was the first of all humanities G-d's. The G-ddess the Mother G-ddess. Mary is only the latest cultural survival of Her existence.  If I have any faith at all it's faith in Her. She's been showing up in my thoughts day dreams, and night dreams all of my life.

So if there is some sort of Deity it's no surprise it would use Her as an image for me.  Someone else might get that gal in them old Ford convertible commercials of the 1950's. Still others would get Lassie. Me at least these days I got the Black Moddona.'s cool.

A seriously out of body stoned dream it was too...we're taking a visit with you know who so hey. I still feel warm..good even Holy from the whole deal. If it weren't for these little episodes...I'd never make it.

Still haven't told my shrinks about these things...I can hear the dismissal already in psychobabble techno talk, and the meds that will come with it.

I'll bet you folks have these things too sometimes. Hold on to them. Hold on tight. Don't let anyone tell you they never happened.

Because they did.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Well it's about time she showed up for you! The Black Madonna's all over Europe & Latin America, so why not Brooklyn or Manhattan?

    Definitely keep it from the shrinks, or they'll start shopping for some new kind of formaldehyde to pickle your head with.