Friday, March 6, 2015

"Where are they Now?"


Boris Badenov became an oil Billionaire in the post-Soviet wave of extreme capitalism. 'Lost it all at the the craps tables in Vegas'n Chinatown Opium Parlors. He runs a news stand in Brighton Beach now. 

 Sez Boris, "...Been there done that". 

"I worked at the fiery edges of both sides." Now I'm content to sell 'El Diario" Lotto Tickets soft porn nickle bags, and candy bars". "Sure I do the occasional hit, but that's all." 

Boris also does a weekend afternoon talk show on Brooklyn Community Cable TV. He was surprised on one show when "Fearless Leader" came on as a surprise guest. He spoke about the halfway-house he started with the late Idi Amin for former Dictators.

"Fearless Leader" now runs a Ford dealership in New Jersey.

"Natasha stayed in the Security game. She used her worldwide contacts to start her own Intelligence Agency." "The Pirogi Institute". She was behind the Snowden U.S. Intelligence data spill. However once the info was out she dropped him like a hot Pirogi...heh heh...get it? 

Natasha's a mean one. 

Sez Natasha, "A bullet, and fool will always meet." Of course neither of our heroes are dummies. They're also making, and share $Zillions from their vintage videos, and action figures. ...btw "Russian Barbie", ...seen below, and "Natasha" are distant cousins, but rarely speak.

Stay Tubed.

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