Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Dr. Algernon Bunny"

"Bob the Bunny's" Great Uncle Dr. Algernon Bunny. Professor, and Chair of Quadruped Studies Columbia University. Below are some thoughts, and reminisces from a former student Professor Simon Loekle.

(Above is Professor Loekle expounding on the mystery of the disappearance of the great Dr. Algernon Bunny.) ...btw this 'really' is a photo of my dear pal Professor Loekle. Below is actually something he wrote for the huh?!

"His classes were often unnerving, as he would generally be present as you arrived, and would greet each arrival with a cold and glassy stare. Modestly, I admit, he seemed to take a shine to me, and shared his major opus with me, over drinks of carrot juice and vodka."

"This work, upon which his reputation rests but which has remained unpublished, was a thorough examination of BUGS BUNNY, entitled "Bugs: species specific insult." A pioneering example of bunny-ism, it was quickly usurped by younger bunnies anxious to make political points, and I think this is why Algernon refused to have it published: it had done so much unintended damage."

"Indeed, I remember to this day, though the text is far from me, the simple closing passage of his study: "But should we judge bunnies from the world represented by Bugs? No: for Bugs Bunny is a fiction, and funny. But bunnies live in a real world, which is often sad." 

"It is a pity that the Young Bunnies never read his work to its completion, just as it is a shame that Algernon spent his final days smoking reefer and listening to Bunny Wailer, and denying his entire academic career."

"Then vanishing altogether."

Stay Tuned.

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