Friday, March 6, 2015

"...And Now the News"

 Well I woke up today with the news that ISIS has destroyed the Ancient City of Nimrud. The 13th century city was bulldozed, and hammered to pieces. This because the Islamic State declared it "an offense to g-d".

I also read that a Nebraska Federal Appeals court has let stand their ban on Gay Marriage. I'm no fan of the world of Straight my opinion they're not Queer at all. However a loss of rights for one is a loss for all.

Further. Colorado law enforcement agencies. As well as that of several other states have sued to overturn the Colorado Legal personal use of Marijuana Law. They jointly say it encourages addiction to stronger drugs, and is a threat to children.

Basically all the same groundless points that have kept this miracle weed illegal for near 80 years.

...also Lockheed has developed an effective battlefield laser cannon. It's reported it destroyed a military truck from a mile away.  Swell just swell

All that was just the first headlines...I stopped looking after the Lockheed Ray Gun deal. See above.
It looks so tidy. The clean remote battlefield of the future. Where only the enemy gets dirty or burnt to death.

All in all a dreary, but busy day.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Those IS shit-for-brains have also destroyed the site of Hatra, an ancient city of the Seleukid empire.


  2. I had another dream. A man and boy sang their love for each other. They danced in the street.