Friday, January 10, 2014

"10C~16f in my Kitchen"

As is a much loved Emerald City tradition there was no Heat in many apartments in the City. Certainly there was none in my building on the coldest day of the Century. So there I was expecting the heat to come on...any real soon...hey!

So our tenets association called "311" our City Council Person, and a local TV station, Ch 11, that loves muck raking. The combined forces of all these folks got the heat back on in about 12 hours into the deep freeze. 

No busted pipes either or none I heard about.

'Course now it's in the mid-50'sf. Climate Change is like that. Wild gyrations in temperature, and winds. So all the snow has melted, and now we're all neck deep in a sea of mud dotted with islands of defrosted garbage.

A winter wonderland it ain't!

More as the world continues to end.

Stay Tuned. 

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